It is suggested that this research could serve as a starting point for future impact studies of ICH visual learning experiences on the current EU challenge of the refugee crisis and the benefits it brings for EU host countries to provide them with the necessary support in terms of social cohesion. This is evidenced through two factors:

The narrative power of ICH in transmitting collective values, addressing universal human-life questions and building up personal resilience to difficult situations. This in turn, highlights human bonds in a multicultural society.

The influence of Bildung principles in the learning experience of intangible cultural heritage.

Given the commonalities of visual competencies developed by the discipline of Art Education and ICH learning experiences, it is suggested that this research brings awareness on the attributes and competencies derived by ICH visual learning experiences. It can also bring insights to the European Network of Visual Literacy (ENVIL) to develop a “European Competence Framework for Visual Art Education”.